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My equipment is some of the most sought after in recording. Together, we can create sounds that are genuinely unique to your project. Whether you're in a band or a singer/songwriter, I can help you capture your performance and make your music sound professional! With budget recording becoming more accessible, anyone and everyone can record just about anywhere. That makes it even more important to record in a professional studio. Quality over quantity is becoming ever more important in todays industry. Your music deserves to stand out and I'm here to help you do just that! Get a Quote!



During the mixing stage, this is where a song comes to life! This is the process where excitement is created through panning, volume levels, eq, compression, automation, and some additional effects, such as reverb, delay, modulations, and other exciting production tricks! With my unique process of combining a blend of plug-in's and outboard gear, I can achieve exciting mixes that captivate listeners immediately. This service is included in my full production package. It's also great for artists that are looking for someone to mix their recordings that were recorded elsewhere. Get a Quote! 



The mastering stage is the final stage in music production. This service is included in my full production package too! During this process, final adjustments are made to the final mix! Not only will I maximize the overall loudness of a song, I work hard to balance each song sonically through equalization, compression, and clarity from song to song if releasing an EP or Album. This service is perfect for those seeking a mastering engineer to add that final touch to their music before releasing it to the world! Get a Quote!

Hi, my name is Stephen Adwell. After graduating college in 2009 with a degree in Recording Arts, I started AMR Studio in 2010 in an incredibly small bedroom in a house my wife and I rented. Remember those days when you were a child building blanket forts? Well, that's exactly what I used to do to build makeshift isolation booths. I would hang the thickest comforters with nails all around, enclosing vocalists in a claustrophobic sweat lodge. Many breaks were needed to prevent panic attacks!

In 2012, my wife had a job transfer to Houston, TX, so we relocated. Shortly after arriving and settling in, I found a rehearsal studio that I rented and set up shop. It was extremely hard running a recording studio where a metal band would start rehearsing next door in the middle of a tracking session. Lucky for me, my room was right next to the entrance so I was able to convince most bands to take extra long smoke breaks so I could finish tracking. It got to the point I learned every band's rehearsal schedule so I could book clients in between those times.

After a year of living in Houston my wife and I bought our first house in which I convinced her to let me convert the garage into a studio. We gutted the garage and built my first legitimate sound proof home studio. After building this sweet new spot my business grew at a rapid pace.


Unfortunately, in April of 2016, my wife and I became victims of flood damage from what was coined the Tax Day Flood, as it happened on Tax Day. For months, with the help of friends and family, I tirelessly rebuilt our home and studio with my bare hands! We couch hopped for awhile until we eventually moved into a small camper trailer in the driveway. Needless to say, my wife made sure I finished the bedroom repairs first so we could at least sleep in our own bed again.

Once everything was rebuilt I reopened and business continued to grow only to be dismantled by Hurricane Harvey. Not more than 16 months after the Tax Day Flood, we lost our home and business again to at least five feet of category five water! Call me stubborn or a glutton for punishment, but not even two back to back floods could stop me from conquering my dreams!


We packed up what little we had left and eventually found ourselves in Tulsa, OK where we seized the opportunity to rebuild a new and improved studio with the mission to help you create music in a way that captivates listeners and cultivates A New Era of Music!


Since reopening the studio, I've had the privilege to work with artists from around the country and even as far as Spain, The United Kingdom, and Guatemala! However small or large your project may be, I'm here to help you produce quality music through the art of music production! If you would like to work with me, fill out my Artist Production Plan and I'll respond back with a personalized proposal based on your projects needs. 






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