Defining the Producer: The Studio Superstar

In today’s up-and-coming engineering circles, I’ve noticed a trend with so many young engineers, especially in hip-hop, claiming the title of “Producer” every chance they get, whether or not they understand the responsibilities or duties. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying hip-hopper’s are the only ones loosely throwing around the terminology, and I’m not against anyone calling themselves a producer of any sort. I believe It’s important that you understand the differences between “Producers” and “Engineers,” in which I will attempt to clarify, hoping these distinctions will help you on the path of choosing your career, or choosing the engineer & producer for your next recording projec

Don't Let Your Drums Fall Victim to the Sounds of Rhythm-less Children Banging on Garbage Cans.

Having a great drum sound is, in my opinion, what drives a song all the way to the radio! We put so much emphasis on drum sounds, engineers are always innovating new ways of recording drums, triggering, and sampling. Drums can be the most aggravating when attempting to achieve the right sound, but are the most rewarding when you’ve finally nailed it and you can take that all the way to the bank! The larger-than-life driving sound of the acoustic rock drum set we’ve all become accustomed to, happen to be the result of an expert balance among playing techniques, proper tuning, and mic placement. Should any of these variables fall one stick to short, the search for that “perfect sound” could

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