Ways to Save Money in the Studio

Working in your home studio has it's advantages and disadvantages. Creating great music is every musician's, enginneer's, and producer's goal. I firmly believe recording in a professional studio is pertinent to a great sounding recording; however, I'm going to focus on what I believe are your biggest advantages and will ulitmately save you money in your next studio visit. Rehearsal This point is clear and precise. Every studio owner, engineer, and producer will tell you practice is crucial to achieving great sounding recordings. Knowing your part and critiquing your performance only elevates you as a perfomer and musician. Take pride in yourself and work hard on acheiving the best tone, tech

5 Reasons to Record at a Professional Recording Studio.

As musicians, we've found ourselves in one of the best eras to be creative. With technology, we've been spoiled with hundreds of different ways to record our musical ideas. Years ago, musicians, arrangers, and composers had to jot down melodies on anything they could find just to remember that idea. If they forgot to jot it down, that idea could have escaped into the universe without ever being heard. Now, we can literally hum, sing, or even play these musical ideas right into our Smart Phones with the click of a button! Now that's awesome! So, with all the choices of recording software, laptops, digital interfaces, affordable microphone preamps, and everything else in between, why should we

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