Key People in a Pursuit for Greatness

I've been riding my bicycle quite frequently. Not only does it allow me to get much needed exercise, it also gives me a chance to clear my head while simultaneously letting ideas flow through my head freely. Today, I started reminiscing on my humble beginnings in my pursuit of making a career in music. My wife and I are expecting our first child in late October which also had me thinking about our son's future. Anyway, I'd love to say I reached this point in my career all on my own, but that would be a lie. My wife and I are from a small town in the southeast corner of Kansas. Not a whole lot to do their other than dream of getting out. My mother is a music teacher, so naturally music became

What is a Dynamic & Condenser Microphone?

Dynamic Microphones The most common dynamic microphone is the Shure SM57. This microphone is relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile in application. Nevertheless, we're not here to discuss particular microphones, we're here to examine what a dynamic microphone is in relation to transduction. A dynamic microphone converts sound into an electrical signal through electromagnetism. Dynamic microphones fall into two categories, moving coil and ribbon. The ribbon microphone, on a practical standpoint is viewed as a separate group of microphones even though it falls under the same category because both types use electromagnetism to transduce sound into electrical energy. "Moving coil microp

Why is Good Sound Important?

With home recording so accessible, many wonder why it's important to still use professional recording studios. It's important to work with professionals for many reasons. Engineers and Producers have the knowledge and tools to help musicians produce quality sound. Most Engineers and Producers are musicians themselves and have a deep understanding for song arrangements, lyrical content, and are critical listeners, which can drastically improve the overall performance of your material. My personal opinion is that by working with professionals, you increase the overall listening experience for your song or album. My whole philosophy is primarily centered around music, in which great music deser

AMR Studio Internships

For the past few years I've been accepting Interns. Mostly through The Art Institute of Houston. However, your school of choice will not prevent you from selection. I operate a small, yet growing business in which I'm very proud of and hope you're just as proud to be an intern! When deciding on a new intern, I have a few prerequisites I try and uphold. I prefer interns who have a background in music, such as performing any musical instrument, whether it be a violin or a guitar, songwriting, composing, etc. I believe musicians make the best recording engineers/producers. If you don't agree, then this might not be the studio for you. If you don't fall under this category and believe you might


It's a wonderful period in time to be a creative professional! The evolution of the internet has turned so many creative industries upside down. It has become an era where music and art are the new "Wild West". We've seen a rise in internet personalities building fanbases through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. In regards to the music industry, we've seen artists who were passed by labels then only to find success through alternative means of self promotion. Using social media, we've seen countless artists break through the mold and reach levels of success that we used to believe were only possible through label support. The old model is dead. No

Copyright: A Brief Summary

What is Copyright? Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works. This means having a tangible form of your music, art, literature, etc. are protected by the government. Ownership You own the copyright the moment your work is created or in tangible form. The moment a lyric meets paper and is inked, or a melody is recorded to tape, you own the rights to use, and reproduce your work unless you sign your rights to someone else. Work For Hire If you're an employee for a company creating graphics, music, videos, etc., the emplo

Distribution Vs. Marketing

A key concept to furthering your music career is understanding the difference between distribution and marketing. Many young artists confuse the two as well as interchange the concepts by morphing them into one. What is Distribution? Music distribution is the process of getting music from artist to store, making it available to the public for purchase. This is the same whether that store be a physical store or a digital music retailer or streaming service such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, etc. What is Marketing? Music marketing is the process of promoting your music and raising awareness. Marketing is the form in which we gain followers or fans and attract them to your music. Understand

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