Studio Vlog 16: Building Bass Traps is Easy

It's time for another Vlog! Yesterday I had some free time in between projects and decided to repurpose some extra bass trap materials leftover from a previous project and add some more acoustic treatment to the isolation booth in the studio. Special shoutout to my friend Derrik Cook from High School and College for allowing me to use his instrumental music for this episode! Links AMR Studio IG: @amrstudiotulsa FB: @amrstudiotulsa Derrik Cook's Music uncAptured

Studio Vlog 15: AMR Studio's Family Vacation

For the past week my family and I have been on vacation. The timing worked out beautifully. Just as I wrapped up final mixes for Zero Detail's EP and final edits for Rogues Among Us,my wife hurried me to pack my bag for our trip. I documented our family fun and condensed a whole weeks worth of adventure into 15 minutes! Now I'm back in the studio mixing RAU latest EP. ___________________________________________________________________ AMR Studio FB: @amrstudiotulsa IG: @amrstudiotulsa Zero Detail FB: @zerodetailmusic IG: @zerodetailmusic Rogues Among Us FB: @RoguesAmongUs IG: @RoguesAmongUs

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