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Studio Etiquette

More often than not, I sometimes assume musicians who walk through the doors of AMR Studio to understand a few, loosely followed rules, that help make a recording session operate smoothly and diligently. However, sometimes first time studio goers aren't sure how to effectively work within the studio walls. Without further adue, our Studio Etiquette Guideline.

Enjoy Yourself

The studio can be tedious at times and mentally demanding, but always remember music is fun; not to be considered a chore. The more fun you're having, the more of that desired creative energy, that sometimes gets restricted in unfamiliar situations, will flow through the air with its contagious benefits; igniting the fuel for remarkable performances.

Silence is Virtue

Not many first time studio goers are aware that silence is golden. When multiple people are conversing during the recording phase, critical listening can be hard. This may create

confusion between the engineer and the musician recording his/her parts and lack-luster performances or mistakes may be overlooked. To prevent such errors, refraining from excessive talking is encouraged.


Sometimes recording may be frustrating. Sometimes we listen back and the performance just doesn't have the right vibe. It's crucial we stay positive and encourage each other. If we allow negativity to flow through our minds and spirits, then we lose any chance of capturing the perfect moment. With encouragement, we can lift each other up, and capture matchless performances through the art of recording.

Rehearsal is Key

Before heading to the studio, make sure you're well rehearsed. This will speed the recording process up, saving you time and money, which is something we all value! Each member knowing his/her parts like the back of their hand makes recording enjoyable!

Stay Nourished

Recording in the studio can often mean extremely long days with very few breaks. Let's face it, we creative types forget to eat, sleep, brush our teeth, etc., when the creative juices are flowing. Before long, what seemed like an hour, when transcribed in time's normal active mode, has really been 8 hours. In this time we've forgotten to eat, drink, text, and sometimes even breathe. Be sure to bring snacks and drink plenty of water. Here at AMR Studio, we provide various snacks and water at each and every session.

Now that we've cleared up a few basic principles to keep in mind before entering the studio, keep writing, performing, and let's make a record!

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