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Distribution Vs. Marketing

A key concept to furthering your music career is understanding the difference between distribution and marketing. Many young artists confuse the two as well as interchange the concepts by morphing them into one. What is Distribution?

Music distribution is the process of getting music from artist to store, making it available to the public for purchase. This is the same whether that store be a physical store or a digital music retailer or streaming service such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, etc.

What is Marketing?

Music marketing is the process of promoting your music and raising awareness. Marketing is the form in which we gain followers or fans and attract them to your music.


Understanding the difference between distribution and marketing helps the artist determine the proper steps regarding their products release. Distribution is how we get our music to stores or streaming sites so people may listen and purchase our music. Marketing is how the artist attracts consumers to their music. Properly marketing your music attracts listeners and eventually results in sales.

A lot of artists will release music on various platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and think they're marketing when in fact they're just independently distributing their music through these sites. Marketing is the process in which we push consumers to these sites so they may purchase our music or gain their interest in our music.

Distribution has been made easy through third party companies such as Tunecore, CD Baby, EMU Bands, etc. In fact, these companies are the means of releasing music on Spotify.These companies will also distribute your music on iTunes. Distribution has become relatively painless these days whereas the Marketing process will take hard work and understanding. The more you understand marketing, the more successful you will become in your music endeavors.


If you're looking for a few ideas of how to market your band check out these links.

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