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AMR Studio Internships

For the past few years I've been accepting Interns. Mostly through The Art Institute of Houston. However, your school of choice will not prevent you from selection. I operate a small, yet growing business in which I'm very proud of and hope you're just as proud to be an intern! When deciding on a new intern, I have a few prerequisites I try and uphold.

  • I prefer interns who have a background in music, such as performing any musical instrument, whether it be a violin or a guitar, songwriting, composing, etc. I believe musicians make the best recording engineers/producers. If you don't agree, then this might not be the studio for you. If you don't fall under this category and believe you might prosper under a more technical background, "live sound" may suit you better. There are pros and cons to both live sound and studio production, one is not better than the other. I know as I worked in live sound for years as I built up my studio.

  • Interns are not expected to be graduates or students of any Recording Arts Program, however, having a basic understanding of music production is a must! Understanding the differences between microphone transformers, polar patterns, proximity effect, and various other technical terminology and applications helps tremendously!

  • I expect ego's to be set aside. As an intern you're here to learn, not boast. If you think you know everything under the sun, then this isn't the studio for you. I'm still learning new things everyday so I don't expect you to know everything either. Heck, I even find myself learning from my interns!

  • I expect interns to follow direction. If you can't follow direction, again, this isn't the studio for you.

  • I expect interns to have a strong work ethic and self motivation. If you think something in the studio can be improved, take matters into your own hands and make improvements. If it's an idea you feel needs to be communicated before implementation, please run it by me. Chances are, your idea is greatly appreciated and may drastically improve the studio for the better. If you learned a new production trick, I love talking shop, so feel free to start a discussion or show me cool stuff!

  • I expect interns to perform tasks that may be undesirable such as custodial maintenance, painting, cable repairs, market research, social media research and implementation, photography, videography, video editing, etc. All these things are vital in running a successful studio.

  • I expect interns to help bands load in/out, tech drums, tune guitars, set up and break down microphones, patch channels, prep Pro Tools, and install software.

  • Interns should be ready to run errands, make coffee, tea, etc., not just for me, for the clients mostly. We're in the business of customer service. The more comfortable the artist is, and the less minuscule tasks they have to worry about during production, the better performance we can get out of them!

  • Most of all, I love producing records and I hope to pass on my knowledge as much as I can as well as learn from anyone and everyone! I hope my joy for music production passes down to the next generation of engineers/producers and that's why I accept interns. I'm becoming more and more selective in my internship program and so far, I believe I've selected the best of the best. Heck, one of my first interns won "Best of Show" at The Art Institute's Senior Portfolio Showcase! I'm very proud of him and look forward to more of my interns winning awards in the future.

If you're interested in interning at AMR Studio and feel you possess most of these prerequisites, please feel free to send me an email (you may find my contact information here)! First impressions are extremely important. Be sure to check for grammatical and spelling errors. Please include the following:

  • Email Cover Letter (sample)

  • Resume (attached as PDF)

  • References (attached as PDF)

  • Include Examples of your most recent, or past productions. Indicate your credits such as recording/mixing/mastering engineer, and/or producer. (Please hyperlink. Do not attach .wav or .mp3 files)

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