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Why is Good Sound Important?

With home recording so accessible, many wonder why it's important to still use professional recording studios. It's important to work with professionals for many reasons. Engineers and Producers have the knowledge and tools to help musicians produce quality sound. Most Engineers and Producers are musicians themselves and have a deep understanding for song arrangements, lyrical content, and are critical listeners, which can drastically improve the overall performance of your material. My personal opinion is that by working with professionals, you increase the overall listening experience for your song or album.

My whole philosophy is primarily centered around music, in which great music deserves incredible sound! If your music lacks the sonic clarity, I believe it reduces your songs ability to captivate your listeners. If the listener is distracted by poor audio quality, their focus can easily be gravitated elsewhere. Once you lose their attention, you've lost. By spending the time and money in the studio, you can provide a quality song that you're unable to attain from home, allowing your music to fully engulf the listener taking them into a world known only in the imagination!

So you may be asking yourself "why is good sound important"? Well, having good sound is the difference between owning a Rolls-Royce Ghost and a Honda Civic. The Civic will get you from point A to B with impeccable fuel mileage, whereas, the Ghost will get you from point A to B in incredible style, status, and quality. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. If that analogy doesn't work for you then just compare a First Act acoustic guitar to a Taylor acoustic guitar. The difference isn't even worth arguing! That's the difference between me producing a record in my studio to someone producing a record on their laptop with an mbox.

Music has inspired so many artists, inventors, and leaders of all professions. So why settle for less than the best? Take your music to the next level. Stop fiddling around on your laptop while simultaneously learning the basics of recording and seek a professional studio to help you produce your next release! You'll be amazed how quickly and effective it is to work with real professionals. Your music will thank you!

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