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No Rules or Set Game Plan for Success

A common thought that runs through my head consistently is a simple question with a much more complicated answer. An answer so many so called "industry" experts have the answer. Really? If they all had the right answer for a successful music career, why are there so many conflicting paths? Why you ask? I believe it's because each one is correct in regards to their own personal success! The "New Music Industry" has no rules or set game plan for success. It's up to you to pave the way for yourself. Stop making excuses, take the plunge, invest in yourself, and push until you have nothing left to give!

If you have the talent and fortitude to pursue your dreams and you haven't reached your goals, examine yourself and ask the hard questions. Figure out what you could be doing or what you have been doing wrong. Implement new strategies, research marketing trends, do absolutely everything you possibly can do to improve your current situation.

This past August my wife and I were flooded due to Hurricane Harvey. This was the second time in 16 months we've been flooded. We lost everything! The studio was completely underwater. We're not talking about a few inches of water, we're talking fifty five inches! Truly devastating situation. We'd be homeless if it weren't for the kindness of my in-laws letting us stay with them during this season in our life, but I won't let the flood destroy us. I won't let the flood take away everything my wife and I worked hard for while building this recording studio! I beg you, don't let the flood in your life prevent you from success! Overcome the struggle. Don't back down from the fight.

Post Flood Remediation

I write these things in hopes of not only motivating you, but also as a means of motivation for myself. I too, am constantly being bogged down by self doubt and unforeseen circumstances. However, if we choose to play the victim, blame life, money problems, natural disasters, lack of support, then those excuses become our reality. In moments of weakness, don't let temporary situations prevent you from everything you've worked hard for. Rise above it. Grow stronger.

With that being said, these are philosophies, or methods, I use and constantly update, depending on the situation that I believe have helped me take my career from part time to full time. Whether you're a musician, singer, or audio engineer, I hope they help fire you up so you too can push forward through this ever changing world of music!

  • Stop Making Excuses

  • Invest in Yourself

  • No Backup Plan

  • Trust in Yourself

  • Grind

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