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How Do Record Labels Work?

I was surfing youtube recently and I came across this interesting clip from the documentary "Artifact" discussing contracts that record labels create to take advantage of young artists. This documentary is several years old, however, it's interesting to think about, especially nearing 2019. For the past few years, more and more artists have been building successful careers without label support, by utilizing the internet.

When so many artists still think signing to a label is the best path for a successful career in music, this documentary is a must see in order to gain proper insight on the dyeing and obsolete system we know as the music industry.

It's my opinion, that the internet is the present and future of the music industry. The internet has given power and authority back to the content creators, and has major labels struggling to stay relevant in the ever changing music industry. Take your career into your own hands. Invest in yourself. Build your brand. Build your business. As an artist, you are an ENTREPRENEUR!

Their is a wonderful book entitled "How to Succeed in the New Music Business" by Ari Herstand. He built his entire music career without a label and has great advice on how to succeed in today's business model! It's available in physical form as well as an audiobook. This is a must read for anyone wanting to make a living with music.

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