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Quarantine Love

Since the quarantine began, instead of twiddling my thumbs because of canceled sessions for the safety of myself and clients, I decided to spend my time writing music. This song began as a piano track and I was having trouble writing some bass lines. So I had an idea and reached out to my good friend and touring musician Mat Maxwell (Lauren Alaina, Swan Brothers). He was courteous enough to lend his expertise and wrote a bass line for my fragmented shell of a song.

After getting the bass tracks I finally had some more inspiration and added drums and synths. Still, I felt like I needed some extra pizzaz. So I asked my old touring mate Bradley Fryou (Zero Detail, Rogues Among Us) to lay down a sweet sax part. After much thought, I felt this track needed some vocals, rather than releasing it as another instrumental jam. I thought it would be a cool idea to ask different vocalists and rappers to write something about the #quarantine and see if it would work as a complete song once I put it all together. Keep in mind, this was not a group writing session. Each vocalist wrote their part without knowing what the other had written.

So I started thinking of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the studio on various projects, and my mind immediately thought of asking Mark Benavides (Rogues Among Us) to add his vocals on the chorus, Benji Gomez (Benni Bolivar) to rap on a verse, and Tim Sutton (TimaLim) to rap on the second verse. Each vocalist has unique writing styles, influences, and backgrounds.

Once I got all the parts from each person, along with videos, I began editing and mixing the music as well as editing the video. This is the product of everyones hard work and dedication to music and I think it turned out spectacular! I’m very grateful to have all these wonderful people who took the time to help me make this track. I could not have done it without them.

Due to the Coronavirus and quarantine, just like so many others worldwide, are out of work; whether it be lost gigs, canceled tours, canceled recording sessions, or lost jobs. If you feel compelled to tip to artist’s that helped create this music, feel free to send tips via PayPal (, Venmo (@amrstudio), or Cash App ($AMRStudio). Thank you for watching! We hope you enjoyed this song.

AMR Studio

FB: @amrstudiotulsa

IG: @amrstudiotulsa

Mat Maxwell

IG: @mathewmaxwell

Bradley Fryou

IG: @bradleyfyou

Mark Benavides

IG: @roguesamongus_mark

Benni Bolivar

IG: @bennibolivar

Tim Sutton

IG: @timalim1

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